National Food Service Bristol is currently in the process of becoming a democratic, member lead organisation. Currently we have a directorship of 5 and 3 paid members of staff. Our directors oversee the management of the organisation to make sure we’re sticking to our goals.

You can contact the team by emailing

Louise Delmege


I’ve been working in community food provision for about five years, mainly at the Foodhall Project in Sheffield, which is where the National Food Service Network began. Food is me. Providing food for people is my thing. 

I sometimes feel powerless in the face of the devastation ordinary people have to deal with thanks to the dismantling of the welfare state and the increased oppression of workers and renters. I can’t fix it all, no one can alone. But I can cook, and I can share, and when we sit around and share food with each other revolutionary ideas can happen. 

Carys Kettlety


I’ve been a director of NFS Bristol since its inception in March 2020. In the first COVID lockdown, I was one of the project coordinators of our emergency delivery service.

I’m interested in food policy nationally and regularly write articles on our food system for Tribune magazine. I’m a political person and as well as being a director of NFSB, I’m a committee member of Bristol Transformed festival.

I believe a National Food Service is key to rebuilding our communities, tackling the environmental crisis and the start of better politics.

Paul Tasman


I got involved in NFS because I believe that any real change that happens is driven by people taking power into their own hands. NFS is about creating strength and resilience in our communities and showing we can work together to create something new. And it’s centred around food. I love food and eating and sharing meals – so it’s a good fit.  

During the pandemic I’ve worked as a driver and as one of the kitchen coordinators. It’s been a privilege to work alongside so many amazing people. Now I’m looking forward to the challenge of trying to move towards our original goal of trying to create shared eating spaces and shared eating projects.

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