Complaints Procedure

Nobody’s perfect but we want to try our hardest to be. We hope that our work is the best that we can deliver but if you have a complaint please be assured we will take you seriously and use these opportunities to develop as an organisation. 

How to tell us your thoughts? 

If you have a complaint, please email us at 

How long will it take?

All complaints will be logged and we will let you know we have received your complaint within 5 working days and aim to deal with all issues as quickly and comprehensively as possible. If we need to reflect on your worries and investigate this internally we will let you know so that we can really learn and develop consistently.  

What will we do?

Feedback of any kind is invaluable to shape our future so we will use your thoughts to move forward and improve our practice. Where an issue has been highlighted, we will try and work with you on how you would like it to be resolved so that both sides are satisfied with the outcome. 

There are some instances where we may receive unnecessary complaints we will not be able to deal with. We are an organisation of volunteers and so our capacity is limited. These include: 

  • When a complaint is about something that National Food Service Bristol has no direct connection to. We may choose to reply to clear our name but we are not obliged to.
  • When someone unreasonably pursues a complaint that we have already responded to. They will be given escalation points but we may choose not to reply again, we will always inform you of our decision to do this.
  • When a complainant is being obviously abusive, prejudiced or offensive in their manner.
  • When a complainant is harassing a staff member.
  • When a complaint is incoherent or illegible.
  • When a complaint has clearly been sent to us and numerous other organisations as part of a bulk mailing or email. In this instance we can choose whether it is necessary for us to reply or not.
  • NFS Bristol cannot respond to complaints made anonymously. However, we will investigate the complaint and use the information to improve in any way that we can.

What else can I do?

We really hope that any complaints can be resolved quickly so everyone is happy. If you are unsatisfied with our responses or wish to escalate, please get in contact with the National Food Service at 

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