NFS Bristol Newsletter

NFS Bristol newsletter – Monday 8 June 2020

This last week has been upsetting and distressing. Our news feeds have felt filled with sadness, from the horrific reaction by the police and the government in the US to the Black Lives Matter protests, to our government’s prioritisation of the economy over people’s lives (in particular the lives of BAME people, who have a significantly higher risk of dying of COVID-19 compared to ethnically white people), to the statistic that last year a football pitch sized amount of tropical rainforest was lost every six seconds.

NFS Bristol newsletter – Saturday 9th of May 2020

National Food Service – Bristol newsletter. The National Food Service was formed as a community dining project, aiming to tackle food insecurity, loneliness and food waste at a local level. In Bristol, before the COVID-19 lockdown, this meant organising community dining, bringing people together over a shared meal, and supporting people to take the leadContinue reading “NFS Bristol newsletter – Saturday 9th of May 2020”